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There are generally five grades – represented by letters students can receive in their college courses, and each of the letter awards the student different points per credit hour that are then part of the calculation for a student’s GPA (grade point average)

1. Is the highest grade (4 points).
2. Means the student did above average in the course (3 points).
3. Is the average passing grade (2 points).
4. Is the minimum passing grade (1 point).
5. Means the student failed the course (no credit, zero points).
Semester:This approach considers the year to fall under two semesters (16 weeks in fall, which begins in mid-August or September, and 16 weeks in spring, which begins in January, with a short winter break and a longer summer vacation. Quarter: Here, the academic year is divided into three quarters, and the start date is usually late-September until mid-June.

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